#003: AJ Marasco — Indoor Event Prep, Carpet Racing, and More

AJ Marasco is one of the fastest stock racers on the circuit, regularly competing for wins at large indoor and outdoor events around the country.

AJ’s RC Racing career began in 2012. Well known has a 1/10 scale buggy racer AJ’s first experience racing was with an 1/8 scale ebuggy. After getting hooked on the hobby AJ branched out to 1/10 scale racing where he got more into setup and improving his knowledge. 1/10 scale racing also introduced him to Team Associated’s regional manager Paul Wynn.

Paul’s guidance became a critical point in AJ’s program, taking the youngster under his wing and later helping AJ land a job at Jconcepts . AJ’s driving talent coupled with the mentoring from Paul, proved to be a wining combination in local and regional events around the southeast.

AJ had one of his biggest wins in 2016 when he won the Scotty Ernst Showdown at Beachline Raceway. AJ won everything you could that weekend. He TQ’d both stock classes and led tone to tone in route to main event wins in both Stock Buggy and Stock Truck.

Please enjoy this interview with AJ Marasco!

AJ’s Sponsors

Team Associated | Trinity | JCONCEPTS | Hobbywing | FDJ | EZ Customs | Assault RC | 1UP

AJ’s Setups

Team Associated B6.1D Clay Setup (Spencer’s) | Team Associated B6.1D Turf | Hobbywing XR10 PRO

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[3:00] – AJ’s talks about his Dad’s Drag Racing

[5:30] – Archie Marasco’s 1991 Mustang Specs

[6:47] – The JCONCEPTS Street Elminator

[9:10] – B&B Hobbies AJ’s first exposure to RC racing

[10:00] – AJ’s describes his first rc race

[12:00] 301 Raceway staff early guidance for AJ

[17:45] Meeting Paul Wynn

[20:00] AJ talks about how he got his sponsors and his view on the obligation

[25:20] AJ talks about how he was offered a job at JCONCEPTS and his current responsibilities

[27:38] What is the culture working at JCONCEPTS?

[28:10] Assault RC and Brent Densford

[29:20] AJ speaks about his involvement in testing products at JCONCEPTS

[29:55] The A1R touring car body and early success

[32:30] Does onroad rc racing help your offroad rc racing?

[33:25] AJ speaks about working with Kevin Abbott from Team Trinity

[34:40] AJ first big win the Scotty Ernst Showdown at Beachline

[36:00] Where does AJ race locally?

[37:15] What does AJ attribute his indoor success too?

[39:25] AJ’s Style

[41:30] AJ talks about a time when he was struggling

[42:28] AJ walks us through his preparation for big indoor races

[46:00] How AJ approaches practice day at big events

[47:30] AJ talks about tire management

[49:00] What AJ does to get grip ut of is AE b6.1D

[50:40] AJ’s opinion on breaking in tires

[52:00] Nerves of steel

[53:00] What AJ would change on the B6.1D to go carpet racing

[54:35] AJ discusses carpet tire options from JCONCEPTS and what he recommends

[55:55] AJ talks about what he does to front tirs for turf

[56:50] AJ talks about tire prep for running on carpet


[59:15] AJ discusses the #1 mistake he thinks new people are making

[1:00:48] AJ talks about how he likes to run his ball diffs

[1:01:30] AJ talks about shock maintenance during a race weekend

[1:01:50] Does AJ use EPA and Dual rate?

[1:03:50] Who is AJ’s favorite RC Racer?

[1:04:00] Who is AJ’s biggest rival?

[1:04:50] One track AJ thinks everyone should visit

[1:06:02] Food and Drink AJ wants by the track

[1:06:20] The one tool AJ would gift to an RC racer


  • Brad Nicosia
  • Jason Breiner
  • Jason Ruona
  • Paul Wynn
  • Kevin Abbott
  • Brent Densford
  • Erik Everett
  • Brent Theilke
  • Scotty Ernst
  • Thomas Tran
  • Ryan Maifield
  • Tater Sontag
  • Ron Schuur
  • Frank Deiny Jr


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