#007: Dustin Evans — A Look into the Life of A Professional RC Racer

Only a handful of people in the WORLD can tell you they race rc cars for a living. It is a unique breed of humans who are exceptional at what they do. There not just fast, they can hold their line and hit their marks at blistering pace lap after lap. They deliver wins and podiums time after time.

Dustin Evans is one of those humans! He agreed to join me on the podcast where we take a look into the life of a professional rc racer.

In this episode we hear the story of Dustin Evans. Once considered an underdog Dustin has proved that he can compete at the top level of rc racing fighting for wins and podiums around the world.

Dustin shares how he got started racing, the company that gave him an opportunity and what he would do if he had to start over again.

Dustin’s Sponsors

Team Associated | Reedy | Pro-Line | Stick-it 1 | OCRC | MIP | Sanwa | Bradley Fine Line Designs
MHOR RC | Groove Auto | Makita | Kicker

Dustin’s Setups

RC10 B6.1 | RC10 B6 | RC10 B64
Reedy Blackbox 510R B6.1
Reedy Blackbox 510R B64
Reed Blackbox 510R T6.1

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Links from this Episode

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Show Notes

In progress…

People Mentioned

  • Chadd Brockman
  • Jake Thayer
  • Ryan Cavalieri
  • Mike Truhe
  • Ryan Maifield
  • Jason Ruona
  • Kevin Gahan
  • Todd Hodge
  • Kody Numendahl
  • Spencer Rivkin
  • Billy Fischer
  • Zeke Ballinger
  • Matt Chambers
  • Travis Amezcua


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