#006: Matthew Gonzales — Mentors, Stock Carpet Racing, and Improving

Like many racers Matthew Gonzales learned about rc cars at a young age when his father introduced him to bashing at his local park. Matthew’s love for rc cars eventually brought him and his dad Martin to SDRC where Matthew fell in love with the hobby of rc racing.

In this episode we talk about Matthew’s rocky start in RC and 2 mentors who really helped guide him to his first big win. We also discuss the new sponsors Matthew has for 2019 and how he has dominated the first two carpet races of the Jconcepts NCTS.

Want hear another episode from another Team Yokomo driver? Listen to my conversation with Max Flurer and how he worked his way to the top of the hobby.

Matthew’s Sponsors

Yokomo | Jconcepts | Hobbywing | Trinity | RC Speed Secrets | Ricochet RC | 1UP Racing

Matthew’s Setups

YZ-2 CAL2 Northwest Hobbies | YZ-4 SF Northwest Hobbies

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Links from this Episode

MIP RC Tools
SDRC Raceway
OCRC Raceway

Show Notes

[1:01]  – Matt tells us about running a slipper in 17.5 stock racing

[7:40]  – Stock Racing makes you better

[10:35] – Matt tells us how his Dad got him started in RC

[12:38] – Matt’s first racing memories at SDRC

[13:30] – Matt talks about how Terrance Webster provided a kids class to learn how to race

[15:40] – Matt’s local RC tracks, SDRC and Richochet RC Raceway

[16:00] – Matt’s Racing Schedule

[17:10] – Carpet racing and how it relates to dirt racing

[18:52] – The switch from Associated to Team Yokomo, the switch to Hobbywing and Team Trinity

[19:50] – Team Yokomo

[22:30] – Joe Pillars Email List and Team Support

[23:55] – Taking advice from Maifield

[24:20] – Matt’s Mentor Jim Hughes

[25:50] – Matt talks about learning from Brian Kinwald

[29:40] – The road to winning the Top Gun Shootout

[33:24] – The mental side of rc racing onfidence is king

[39:50] – Carpet racing driving style

[41:00] – Carpet setup talk

[43:40] – 702 Jconcepts NCTS recap

[45:25] – Northwest Hobbies Jconcepts NCTS recap

[46:20] – Matt talks about his Hobbywing products and Ron Schuur

[48:00] – ESC changes Matt likes to tune with

[49:20] – OCRC Stock Nats prep

[51:45] – Matt’s advice to new rc racers

[53:50] – Matt’s favorite Professional rc racers

[54:30] – Who Matt considers hi biggest rivals

[55:00] – How Matt runs his ball diff

[55:42] – Matt’s shocks during events

[56:15] – How Matt approaches radio tuning

[56:50] – Matt’s Paint Schemes

[57:33] – Favorite tracks

[58:00] – Best food to have by the track

[59:15] – Matt’s favorite failure

[1:01:00] – Matt’s favorite tool

[1:02:15] – Life skills Matt has learned from rc racing

[1:03:56] – Matt’s advice for helping you get in the zone

People Mentioned

  • AJ Marasco
  • Jim Hughes
  • Tommy Hinz
  • Ron DeVoll
  • Terrance Webster
  • Emma Ramirez
  • Lee Martin
  • Ryan Maifield
  • Max Flurer
  • Joe Pillars
  • Chad Eubanks
  • Ryan Cavalieri
  • Brian Kinwald
  • Jorn Neumann
  • Kyle Davis
  • Joey Abicca
  • Justin Myerson
  • Connor Howard
  • Ron Schuur
  • Jake Thayer
  • Travis Brock
  • Scott Bergen
  • Kevin Motter
  • Davey Batta
  • Sammy Moran
  • Antonio Counsil
  • Mike Fisk


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