#005: Max Flurer — Putting in the Work

Max Flurer has competed at the highest level of both off road and dirt oval rc racing. We often don’t realize the dedication and sacrifices people make to reach the top.

In this episode Max talks about starting rc racing at a young age, his experience racing out west, and his rise to the top of RC.

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Show Notes

[2:20] Moving down to NC and Memories of Carolinas RC

[4:40] Trains and Lanes where it all started

[5:30] Trinity Street Spec

[9:40] Max’s early days of racing

[10:30] Learning to fail

[12:30] Max begins his Off Road journey

[14:30] The beginning of Max’s career at Customworks

[17:34] Developing new chassis at Customworks

[19:00] Max talks about having is fleet ready to go 12 RC cars!

[20:20] Max’s first Off Road sponsorship

[23:13] Meeting Frank Deiny Jr

[25:00] Chasing the dream and moving to Arizona

[32:30] Max talks about the competition out west

[35:40] Max discusses why he came back to NC

[41:20] Jconcepts Rage and meeting Jason Rouna

[43:30] Max’s strategy for the weekend when running multiple classes

[44:30] Max’s frustrating result in Ohio

[50:00] The resurgence of Yokomo

[51:40] Max talks about how Ryan Maifield was influential to his switch to Yokomo

[55:00] Early success with Yokomo cars

[59:00] Meeting Ron Schurr and switching to Hobbywing

[1:01:10] Discussing Team Manager Joe Pillars

[1:02:15] ⅛ Scale Racing and JQ

[1:03:05] Managing the racing schedule with all these vehicles

[1:05:10] Racin Rays Bullring

[1:08:06] Max’s tip for new people to RC

[1:09:21] Max talks about his favorite RC driver

[1:10:00] Max’s biggest rival in rc racing

[1:11:00] Max discusses his ball diff settings

[1:12:12] Max talks about off road maintenance at events

[1:13:30] Max talks about transmitter adjustments

[1:15:00] Max talks about his paint scheme

[1:16:00] Max tells us the rc tracks we must visit
[1:19:40] Max wishes this food was at every rc track

[1:21:40] What Max likes to adjust when he’s a couple tenths off

[1:23:40] Max talks about reading and adjusting to track conditions

[1:26:30] Max talks about what RC has taught him

[1:27:20] Max talks about what you can do before your next event to help your rc racing

People Mentioned

  • Jake Flurer
  • Rob Cutman
  • Kirby Hand
  • Rock Schurr
  • Joe Pillars
  • Leon Mcintosh
  • Jon Faulkner
  • Ryan Maifield
  • Billy Fischer
  • Joe Pillars
  • James Banta
  • Brandon Melton
  • Frank Deiny JR
  • John Piant
  • Sonny Brown
  • Brian Kinwald
  • Chris Rupp
  • Tony Stewart
  • Arnie Fie
  • Dustin Evans
  • Ray Kelly
  • Christian PaHud
  • Dennis Lambert
  • Richard Saxton
  • Alex Kosciuszek
  • Mark Corns


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