#002: Me, My Dad, and RC

As a young boy my Dad always seemed larger than life. He raced cars at local short tracks throughout the southeast and I was there to watch a lot of them. Everything we did revolved around racing. But before his full scale days he did some RC racing. In this episode I get to ask him where the hobby started for him and what it was like at the time. We also explore the vehicles I had along the years and my first experiences racing.

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History on Conrtol Line Planes
Dad’s first plane the Cox PT19
Warrick’s Hobbies
Peter Warrick – Sun Sentinel
The First Bolink RC cars
Mills Pond Park RC
Mills Pond RC – Facebook Page
The Traxxas Cat
Kyosho Ultima
The Great Escape (No longer sells RC)



  • Peter Warrick
  • John Small
  • Jeff Kish
  • Matt Buck
  • Andy Beckham
  • Mark Jones
  • Christian PaHud
  • Ryan Millington

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